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106 MB

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Android 5.0 and Higher

Evony APK offers a 7 kingdom game where you are the lord of all wars. The app is a complete fun time and adventurous application. Here you can build your empire based on 6+ kingdoms. You are the warlord of all empires. Furthermore, there are troops in every empire that create a real empire environment. Challenge your opponents and chat with them in voice messages. Moreover, you can send your friends a text messages to your friends. Take their helps to build your empire.

There are male and female characters in the game. Chose your new hero with every update. Moreover, you can select your troops and use them to defend your kingdoms against the enemies. Furthermore, there are puzzle levels in the Envoy app to enjoy your IQ test. The puzzles are very easy to solve.

More About The Evony APK

The Evony APK app is hosted in the store app or Google Play Store of your smart device. You need to download the app form the Store app. For your easy, we have set link on the article so you can directly access the app by clicking on it. Next to it, just press the button ”APK FILE DOWNLOAD” to access the APK file for any assistance.

Evony APK offers different versions and the app is always up-to-date. Furthermore, with every update you will see different features added to the app. These features makes the game more interesting. Additionally, the app is free for the die-hard fans of online games. Users who always wishes to be a Royal king or warlord can try this app.


  1. Freely available for all type of devices i.e. PC, Android, iOS.
  2. There are few fixed bugs that helps the user to use the app uninterruptedly.
  3. Security is the first priority of the Envoy Developers.
  4. User data is not shared to any third parties or 2nd parties.
  5. Rule on 7 empire and build your own troops.
  6. Does not need payments to invest. Instead you need to spend few pennies.
  7. Online chatting available for the ones who wants to make friends for help in the game.
  8. Voice and text messages are available for the users.
  9. 1000+ puzzle levels to solve and 7 empire to build.
  10. Be a Warlord of troops and defend your 7 empires.


Moreover, The Evony APK is the IQ boosting app as well. Initially, there are about 1000+ puzzle games. These games are easy as well as tricky. You need to set your mind and solve the puzzle. This is directly or indirectly linked to your intellectual development. Moreover, the puzzle game helps the user to win rewards. These rewards help you while building your troops or empire.

Press the download button here or follow the links to have a full time entertainment or adventure. Install the Evony APK to be a Royal king of 7 empires. solve the 1000+ puzzle levels to win rewards. Get the app quickly without wasting a second and be a king of 7 royal empires.