Evony APK Download: 2024 Latest Version For Android

Evony APK is gaming for the pro player of online games. The app offers an online gaming platform where you can communicate with the world around you. This is a royal game where you can be a king. In addition, you can fight wars using the troops in the game. There is a chance to create your empire and design it accordingly. In Alliance, you can chat with people by voice or text message. In addition, the app helps your to chat with others who is playing the game at same instant.

App Name: Evony (TG Inc)

App Version: v2024

App Size: 104 MB

Furthermore, the Evony APK App is a full-time entertainment for Android users. Many levels are full of fun and entertainment. Initially, there are is a simple login or account creation procedure where you have to create a account. Once you complete the process you need to work on your profile. Be a king of your game. You can experience a lot with this amazing application.

Enjoy a fun time by completing the different levels of puzzle games that make it full of fun. The Evony APK app is very easy to run on Android smart devices. You can choose your smartphone to play these levels. Moreover, you can add troops to defend your empire against the opponent.

Overview On Evony APK Download

Furthermore, enjoy by chatting charming girls and pro player boys in the app. The vocals will help you to now the gender of your opponent. You can make friends from the worldwide by chatting in the text. You friends will help you to while training your troops or building your empire. The royal game lovers can enjoy a fun time by using the application like this one on their device.

Envoy APK Download

You can be a king of your own empire and you can defeat the other empire. Cross different levels with the help of your troops.The app is easy to get on any device because it has a best mobile compatibility. If you want to get this entertaining gaming app then follow the steps below:

How to Access The Game App?

Initially, the Evony APK download is a google protected app so you can use it without any insecurity. Open the App Store or Google Play Store on your personal device of any type i.e. Android. moreover, you can click the link on this page to directly access the app. Uninterruptedly, access the app by a single click on the link above.

After accessing the Evony APK App on Store the follow the download button. For every app there is an ”Install” button under the app. Click or press the button and add it to download. Wait until complete 100%. then you will see the app added to home screen of your device. Lastly open and use it.

How To Use The Evony APK?

Are you an adventure lover? If yes, then start using the game on your smart device. Open the app and you will be given few pennies to spend on the game. This is actually a game money not the real one. Initially, select the puzzle game to earn more money to invest in building an empire. Complete the puzzle levels to enjoy a fun time.

Then Start building your empire and add troops to protect it from the enemies. Furthermore, you can chat to other player on the same game in a voice or text messages. Chat to people of other areas an create a friendly environment. You friends can even help you while building your empire. Play the levels and enjoy the rewards.

Evony APK Login

  1. Create an Evony account in the app.
  2. Open the app when downloaded.
  3. Create an account if your are a new user.
  4. Directly create by using your Facebook account.
  5. Use your email instead to create an account.
  6. Add a user name and set a password.
  7. Use a strong and unique password to secure your account.
  8. Fill the puzzle to verify it then start signing-in.
  9. Go to profile from setting menu to do different settings.
  10. Secure your account by verify the email or other data given.


The Evony APK app has very unique and useful features. Initially, the app is always up-to-date so you do not need to change new versions. however, only new features are added with every update. Secondly, The app has a new hero system. You can change your hero’s in the game to enjoy a full time entertainment.

Furthermore, you can do wishes in the well wisher and get new rewards. There are new features i.e. the dragons. You can get rewards from this feature too. Th troops need equipment which are used to improve their quality. Be a king of 7 kingdoms. Play the 1000+ puzzles in the game and boost your IQ. The game is helpful in developing the brain.

The app is lawful to use without any interruption. Moreover, you can choose your country language and code to run easily. Evony APK is safe by the Google services so you can use it or share your data without any fear.

Key Features Of Evony APK

<-> Choose a style of 6+ civilizations

<-> be a real diplomat

<-> Create an empire and your own troops to be a Warlord

<-> Govern your empire and chat to other friends for help

<-> Chat in voice and text type with other friends

<-> Single and easy login system

<-> Create multiple accounts and switch while playing

<-> Easily verify your accounts with a code or confirmation email


Evony APK download is a full time for the online gaming lovers. Additionally, the app very joyful and useful too. You can challenge your IQ level by playing the puzzles. There are more than 1000+ puzzles which are useful to boost your IQ. In addition, play all levels one-by-one and get rewards. There are about 7 kingdoms to be a warlord. Lastly, built your troops and enjoy a full time entertainment.

Click the blue button in the box below or follow the button links on the page to access the APK file. Furthermore, this APK file will help you in getting access to the app. Enjoy by playing the game on your device. You can even download the app on your PC as well. Have a full time entertainment with the Evony App and be a warlord of your 7 kingdoms.

App Details:

App Name: Envoy App

Developer: TG Inc.

APK File Size: 104MB

Version: Click button link to get latest versions

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